Paul Azinger weighs in on Tiger Woods’ game

ESPN analyst Paul Azinger believes Tigers Woods has messed with his golf swing too much in his never-ending quest to get better?

IMG_0040Tiger is preparing to resume his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 major championship titles in next week’s British Open and Azinger sees Tiger in a different place at 38 than Nicklaus was at the same age.

Zinger feels one of the big differences is the fact that Tiger was always in a quest to get better, including online casino three swing changes. That Jack might have made some minor tweaks, but Tiger has made astronomical changes. As a result, he feels Tiger has actually gotten a little bit worse.

Azinger said that Tiger has worked with one guy that”s played golf at a really high level, and that”s Butch Harmon. For him to just turn it all over to two guys that have never played on a high level is a bit of a mystery, considering how great Tiger was when he did it.

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